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What is the Twin Flame journey?

The Twin Flame journey is the inner healing journey you take in order to manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Your Twin Flame is your spiritual ally, your biggest mirror, and a tool for your Ascension. Your Twin Flame will lead you all the way home into Love, into perfect Union with Love / the Divine / Universe.

Your Twin Flame is your spiritual partner with whom you pursue Love, serve Love, and abundantly live in Love. This is what is appropriate for any Twin Flame Union.

Like Jeff and Shaleia share in Twin Flame Ascension School, you and your Twin Flame can not just be together and not live in Purpose because you are literally designed to live your true Life Purpose, your calling in service to all of humanity. However, that looks like.

Living your Life Purpose is key for your Union because you are an immense gift to humanity and you have to share it to keep it.

Any codependent, needy, or fearful energy needs to be resolved within you if you desire to be with them or stay with them. You source your Love from within yourself. That is for you to master on the Twin Flame journey: complete self-love and self-responsibility for one’s own feelings, choices, and happiness.

The best way to do this is by studying the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flame Ascension School, and Life Purpose Class and by embodying them.

Your Twin Flame or anyone is not here to lift you up. You need to become your own hero or, otherwise the more uncomfortable your Twin Flame journey will become. You are then basically in a state of ego and in ego you don’t relate. It’s an otter purifying journey and all ego needs to be released because it’s just presenting your false self.

Other way to say it, is that your Twin Flame will guide you into becoming your true Divine Self and can meet you in Love when you are sustained by your Love within yourself and when you embody more and more your true Divine self.

So will you Twin Flame help you become the best version of yourself?

Yes, absolutely as you are to each other your biggest teacher, student, and mirror. No one will love you more perfectly than your Twin Flame. your Twin Flame will show you yourself.

So you mean my Twin Flame is my biggest mirror? So, when I look at them and know what’s going on there, I know where I am at in my own being?

Yes, yes and yes. Your Twin Flame and you are one, so definitely, they will show you where you yourself so that you love yourself.

Are you now saying that my Twin Flame will only ever invite me into more Love?

Yes, that is what their design this, they either will reflect to you all the Love you already have given to yourself or they will point out picture-perfectly in which place you need Love.

Is my Twin Flame the one person with whom I will forever grow and match perfectly - spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally?

Yes, yes yes. Your Twin Flame is your forever partner in creation and is walking as one with you for all of eternity.

Is it safe to invest my Love into my Twin Flame?

100 % because investing your Love into them is investing into Love in yourself. there is no separation. It’s safe to love your Twin Flame like you love the Divine, and yourself.

Is my Twin Flame forever with me and is separation even real?

your Twin Flame is forever with you and no, separation is a lie. Only oneness with your Twin Flame is real. The separation between you and your Twin Flame basically never happened. You only believed in the illusion of „separation“ and that is the reason your shared consciousness, you and your Twin Flame experienced what you experienced.

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