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What is the Twin Flame journey? 

The Twin Flame journey is the journey to your Ultimate Lover, the person the Divine designed you to be forever with. 

It’s your one true Love, your best friend, your partner, your biggest mirror, your biggest teacher/student, and your husband/wife for all of eternity. 

The Twin Flame journey is all about self-love. Why? Because your Twin Flame is you and mirrors your shared consciousness. 

Whenever you are upset with your Twin Flame, you are just upset about yourself. 

Your Twin Flame shows you the way to your True Self, to your Divine Self, and helps you embody all of who you are. 

It’s your partner who will guide you to love yourself like no other and who desires nothing more than Love and your highest and truest expression of yourself. 

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I am looking forward to guiding you into the arms of your beloved! 

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