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When it's not going our way...

Truth is it's never ever going our way or the way we want it.

Just ask yourself: When was the last time everything worked out the way you wanted it.

Fact is, we are not in charge over life. Life happens.

We might have thought it goes one way and then suddenly out of nowhere a curveball in between our plans.

We must surrender to life and Love's way or the Universe's way for us. It's like this in any area of our life, whether it's on the Twin Flame journey, Life Purpose journey or any area that you desire to improve.

Unexpected things can happen. Sometimes all we can do is cling to the Love and Light within us, to that Higher Power that we like to call God.

It's our nature to live a surrendered humble life and to draw our Love, happiness, peace and joy from the relationship with our Creator, Love itself and of course too from our relationship with ourselves.

The more we try to control, cling, mold or shape or express any other ego behaviour, the more we create our own misery.

We can't control life. We can't control what is happening around us but we can take care of what it does to us and here come exactly the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia, and the Mirror Exercise into play.

If you desire to live a peaceful, surrendered, happy, joyous life with full faith and peace in your heart, then sign up for our 50% off Introductory Session and start creating a surrendered peaceful life with your Twin Flame by your side:

The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia you find here:


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