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Why did your Twin Flame reject you?

We get it. You want you and your Twin Flame to have that deep romantic fairy tale relationship that feels like Heaven on Earth. The dream is there. The dream vision of how it looks like keeps your mind busy for the entire day. You probably dream about it at night as well.

But then all of a sudden you see your Twin Flame rejecting you and ignoring you in real life. And that feels like a slap in the face, doesn't it?

You probably have no idea why your physical reality doesn't align with the dream you had about how you would spend every day with him or her. This brings up feelings of anger and resentment towards your Twin Flame because all of a sudden that picture looks different in reality.

What most people don't realize is that their Twin Flame shares the same soulprint and shares the same consciousness as you. So your Twin Flame mirrors you exactly all of the deepest things that you carry within yourself, meaning the positive and the things that are out of alignment with Love and the Truth about yourself.

When you don't know how to resolve the deep inner wounds, blocks, and misaligned beliefs within yourself, then you most likely will experience your Twin Flame triggering you in exactly the places where you are out of alignment with Love and Truth. In this case, it will be him or her showing you where you reject yourself and you will feel rejected. So the only Truth is that your Twin Flame is only ever lovingly showing you what you need to heal.

So it's super important if you want that beautiful fairy tale dream that you had with your Twin Flame to become a daily reality that you learn how to resolve all your inner wounds and blocks in a fun, effortless, and easy way. So, that you and your Twin Flame can live that Heaven on Earth together in harmony.

If you feel a deep need for support on your Twin Flame journey and you feel lost and stuck and finally want to resolve this rejection pattern that is playing out in your Twin Flame Union, then reach out to us to book your first Introductory Twin Flame Healing Coaching Session for 50% off from our normal price.

We are looking forward to helping you and supporting you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and your Heaven on Earth.

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More about the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia that changed our life entirely and brought us where we are today:


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