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Why do you experience contrast, trauma, and pain on your Twin Flame and Ascension journey?

All negative emotions and patterns are just frustrations inspired by one’s neglect. They are inspired by ego illusions of defeat and failure and an unwillingness to accept and adapt harmoniously to the natural laws that the Divine has created.

Nature doesn’t have its agenda. It just runs its Divine order of everlasting balance. The Divine natural order does not tolerate any idleness or any ego-based agenda. All spaces within and without must be filled with a perfect harmonizing and everlasting flow of the natural order of the Divine and the expression of the Divine itself.

Everything in existence, both physical and spiritual, soul, heart, mind, and body are and must be constantly in harmonious, aligned, surrendered motion and flow with the Divine and its natural order of flow.

You were created in oneness with God and your Twin Flame as one. You have the same vision and think and choose as one because you are one consciousness. But when you as an individual resist being in harmony with the Divine natural flow of balanced, harmonious energies, sounds, frequencies, feelings, thoughts, habits, and actions and don’t use your consciousness and full being for the expression of the positive, loving truthful, harmonious, natural and unique way of the Divine natural expression that flows through you, then the Divine order can not flow there. So that space will be filled by the illusionary ego and forces the consciousness to act upon these negative thoughts and negative patterns that the disharmony and misalignment with the Divine have formed.

The more one resists that you have life because of the Divine and that you are a vessel of the Divine where the Divine and your True Self flow and express in harmony and that you need to harmonize with the natural laws of the Divine to have good, heavenly experiences.

The more you will get filled up with illusionary negativity and darkness because of the misalignment with the Divine and its everlasting Love and light. As a result have more negative habits and actions. There can be no emptiness in your holistic being. That is just the natural law of the Divine. All spaces are and must be filled with something. Either it’s filled with God, Truth, Love light, and the infinite good of the Divine or it’s filled with ego or darkness. But it’s up to every individual to either choose to fully harmonize with the Divine

(Love and light itself) or to choose the path of illusionary ego, disharmony, rebelling, darkness, pain, contrast, anger, lust, greed, etc.

Everywhere where you are unwilling to be flexible and to move in balance and harmony with the natural laws and order of the Divine, there you have an opening to ego (or what is called the devil). This is simply you going out of harmony with Love, Truth and your God-given sovereign power and unique expression of the Divine and your True Self and so you make way for an illusionary personality and illusionary world full of contrast.

The only reason why you experience contrast or why you experience negative thoughts, fears, anger, rage, greed, hatred, etc is because of only two factors. You have an internal misalignment with the Divine within yo and you allowed the outside and environmental circumstances to influence your thoughts, feelings, actions, and state of being. And so you went out of alignment with the Divine natural order within you.

Remember this! The one who harmonizes with the everlasting and ever-evolving natural flow of the Divine within and only the Divine natural order without, is a true self-realized master and child of God. Your natural state of being is Love, peace, harmony, Truth, power, sovereignty and abundance.

Look at nature! It’s ever-flowing, ever-growing evolving. When the seasons change, the fruits change. Nature doesn’t care about your ego desires and how ego wants it to be. It only cares about the everlasting Divine order of flow, evolution and the expression of the Divine. Nature doesn’t manipulate. It just harmonizes with the Divine and the expression of the Divine. So every negative thought, feeling and emotion simply comes from not being in alignment and resisting the everlasting flow and evolution. Nature doesn’t hold on, it just flows in harmony with the Divine source.

If you refuse to follow that. Then sooner or later it will bring you to your knees until you can not take the contrast of ego anymore and you fully surrender again to the flow of the Divine. The only reason why you see storms and certain weather circumstances is because nature is getting rid of the ego-based ignorance of the collective ego that is trying to shape and mold everything to the ego’s way.

The Divine and nature don’t know right or wrong. It knows only Love and the natural flow of the Divine. And when something tries to control the Divine and its natural flow, then the Divine will simply clean out all the illusionary darkness and ego and resistance to harmonious flow and change. So that every facet of the illusionary ego will be brought to its knees.

Ego will experience it as horror and a very contrasting experience. But the Divine is simply cleaning out the garbage and the illusions so that everything will be brought back to its proper, humble position of harmonizing with the Divine order and flow and expression of the Divine, of Love, peace and harmony.

It’s of uttermost importance that you go into those places within yourself where you are out of alignment and where you experience contrast and to bring all parts of yourself back into Harmonious flow with the Divine and your True Self. Which is ever-evolving and ever-flowing and creatively expressing in a balanced and harmonious symbiosis with the Divine.

Your True Self has no agenda. It is fully merged and satisfied and cared for into Love, life, light, peace, harmony, and joy of the Divine. Your True Self knows that when it harmonizes with the natural, expressive flow of the Divine. It also then has in the physical as a direct positive result of flowing with the Divine: all the abundance of Love, light, peace, harmony care, and abundance. So your True Self doesn’t worry about having that brand of clothes, what kind of food it eats on which day etc. Because it knows that the Divine order all has that already figured out. And it knows that the Divine has space for all needs to be met and

creatively expressed. But it will be in the natural order of the Divine through you and the Divine around you for you.

Remember that all contrast, all darkness, all negativity, and negative emotions are created by yourself. It’s coming from a place of disharmony with the Divine and an unwillingness to accept change and growth. You have formed expectations on how your creative day needs to look. Along with trying to control not only the Divine natural order and expression within yourself but in others and the environment as well to make sure it fits your ego’s hidden agenda of getting what it wants.

Ego is only driven by an illusion of being in survival mode. Your True Self is harmonizing with the Divine order and Divine expression and is thriving because of it's humility to be obedient and is harmonious and flexible with the Divine, natural order of expression through you. You can simply change these ego patterns by healing the misalignments within yourself and the reason why you went out of alignment and then you will have a positive experience within, with your Twin Flame, and in all other areas of your life.

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