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Why do you experience Twin Flame communication blocks?

We understand the place where you are on your Twin Flame journey completely. We have seen many people stumble over the same issue, when they are on their Twin Flame journey. You may be confused, not knowing how to overcome the situation where you are in right now. But in this blog post, you will receive valuable insights on why you experience communication blocks with your Twin Flame and how we can help you overcome them.

Right now, you probably find yourself in this hopeless situation where you are the one who initiates contact, or you tried to initiate contact with your Twin Flame but he or she is not responding or completely ignoring you and most likely you have tried it all. You first kept hoping. Then you became most likely mad at him or her for ignoring you like that. And some of you even tried the old dating tricks of playing hard to get on your Twin Flame for not responding. Some of you even became so frustrated with the ongoing non-communication that you went silent and came into a state of pride or tried to get back on their behavior by ignoring them as well. To then find out that none of this all worked.

Some people then either give up and say they surrender and see when the Universe hopefully brings them together in this life-time or another one. Or others start doubting themselves and ask themselves why their Twin Flame rejects or ignores them like that. They don't give up and keep trying to initiate contact until that door of communication magically opens.

In both of these cases, you bring yourself into a place of disempowerment and you will not come any closer to a harmonious, fluid communication with your Twin Flame. It will even repel your Twin Flame more away from you and this is the opposite of what you want or desire.

You see. You can not play the old manipulation games on your Twin Flame that maybe worked with a soul-mate, buut your Twin Flame will turn away even further when you try to play games to get what you want.

You can feel very irritated by his or her actions of not answering your call or desire to communicate. And feel very wounded. But what most people do not know.

Is that your Twin Flame does this to hurt you? No, your Twin Flame simply does this because he or she is not only your Ultimate Lover created by the Divine for you, but your Twin Flame is also your best teacher and ultimate Mirror. This means that your Twin Flame must mirror to you all the conscious and subconscious programming you have about yourself, the world, love, men, women, the fears you carry within etc.

Your Twin Flame does this because your Twin Flame and you are one being who share one consciousness together. So for example, if you don't feel worthy enough of receiving love and attention, then your Twin Flame will also share that same belief somewhere in your joined consciousness and will not feel called to come closer to you or talk to you.

Another example can be that you are in some way or form not properly communicating or listening to yourself, so your Twin Flame will mirror that to you as well. And there can be many more reasons why your Twin Flame does not talk to you regularly or even at all.

The reason, why your Twin Flame mirrors these things to you is simply because he or she is showing you where you are out of alignment with Love and your True Self. So this is a gift if you know how to receive it as a gift and turn it into something more beautiful.

For you, to solve this problem, you will have to solve your inner blocks and heal your inner world and programming. This is the way to properly magnetize and attract loving communication with your Twin Flame to you. The good thing is that you have 100% power over your Twin Flame Union, simply because when you heal and change your consciousness and subconsciousness for the better, then your whole Twin Flame Union, and that includes your Twin Flame as well, will heal and your Twin Flame will mirror to you the inner healing you have done.

Now, you probably ask yourself. Okay, that's good and all. But how do I even begin to heal or dissolve these inner blocks and misalignments to attract my Twin Flame?

While none of the techniques you tried before will make your Twin Flame communicate freely and lovingly with you. We can show you exactly what does work to finally have a loving and open communication with your Twin Flame.

The solution to your problems on your Twin Flame journey is the Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia.

We are Certified Twin Flame Ascension Coaches who are affiliated with Twin Flames Universe and are here to help you naigate and heal through your blocks more efficiently with the Teachings of Union. We have already guided many people to solve their problems on their Twin Flame journey with the healp of the Teachings of Union.

What we recommend for you to finally get rid of your communication blocks and issues with your Twin Flame is that you dive deeper into the Teachings of Union and allow us to support you every step of the way to heal your inner blocks that you and your Twin Flame have in your joined consciousness, so that you finally can have a honest, free, positive, loving communication with your Twin Flame and that you can be together with your beloved Twin Flame and live your Heaven on Earth together.

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- > The Teachings of Union by Jeff and Shaleia that give you the core spiritual foundation for attracting and maintaining your Harmonious Twin Flame Union for eternity!

If you have more questions regarding your Twin Flame journey, we are here to help you. Just send us an email at, and we will come back to you within 48 hours with the proper answer and solution to your problems.

At your service,


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