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Why you need to surrender control and overthinking to be with your Twin Flame and have your good? 

Empty your mind, be free of all clutter and choose peace now!

Let yourself become peacefully flowing like water in the ocean and the river on a peaceful sunny day. The river just flows and runs its course. You can try to put boulders and rocks in the water but the water will still find its way. Put water into a cup, and it takes the form of the cup and stays peacefully within the cup until you drink it. Put water into a teapot and it becomes like the form of the teapot. Put too much water in the cup or the teapot and it runs over. When there is a crack in the cup or the teapot. The water will quickly run out and find its way. 

When you try to go against the natural flow of the Divine and try to hold on to your thoughts and feelings, try to grasp, shape and mold them to your liking, to be able to create ego desires to avoid needing to deal with what is currently showing in your reality, and trying to materialize things to not need to deal with your thoughts and emotions, then that self-created bubble will only be able to exist for so long until the self-molded idea in your mind will burst like a little bubble. And you are forced to surrender all control and surrender to the natural flow of the Divine again. You will see that you can only for so long try to grasp or hold on to something, until it becomes so unbearable that you need to align with the natural flow again. 

Attachments are the biggest cause of suffering. 

This is the reason why we do the Mirror exercise and apply the Teachings of Union daily, to let our hearts and minds flow effortlessly in harmony with the natural flow of the Divine, to stay in harmony with our true essence which is Love and peace. If you harmonize with the natural flow of energy in your being, then you will only experience harmony, Love, and peace. If you try to go against the natural flow of the Divine, then you will have internal and external storms. 

Peace starts within. 

Love starts within. 

Romance and intimacy start within. 

Everything starts within by aligning all of yourself with the Divine and your true essence of Love and peace. 

Applying the Teachings of Union daily helps you to maintain alignment with the natural flow of the Divine life force energy, which is Love and peace. 

Let yourself be like the flowing water in the river directed by Love and Divine life force within. The water accepts the direction of Love and the Divine life force and harmonizes peacefully with it. If you do this, then you will be amazed at how beautiful your life becomes. 

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